The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

When it comes to any sporting event, you are sure to find a couple of big brands sponsoring either the event, venue, team or athlete. These events not only take a lot of preparation and costs, but it also attracts a lot of attention, no matter what the sport or venue.

Motorsport specifically is known as a sport with a massive fanbase. And this is not only true in the UK, but around the globe. Just think of the many races held across the globe annually. This ranges from stock car racing to drift and the ever-growing Formula 1.

This year saw a lot of big brand names coming to the table and supporting some of the UK’s most prestigious motor racing events and athletes. Here, we will take a look at some of these fantastic sponsors.


betfair - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

Betfair is no stranger to sponsoring big sporting events. The online casino operator has even signed a 3-year contract recently to sponsor the iconic Tingle Creek and Betfair Chase races. It only makes sense that the company would sponsor UK motorsport.

Betfair is known as one of the best online sportsbooks where punters can bet on any of their favourite sports, including motor racing in the UK.


suzuki - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

This year, Suzuki will be sponsoring the legendary Isle of Man TT. Suzuki is another big name when it comes to sporting events, including motor racing and motorcycle racing events. The Japanese company prides itself in supporting the Isle of Man TT event annually.

Every year, Suzuki adds even more excitement to the TT by bringing limited-edition TT Centenary machines for fans to buy at the event.


TechTrak is a big name in motorsport in the UK, and it is easy to see why. The company hosts and organises events for professional and amateur drivers on their expertly designed racetracks. Using expert technology racers can train and excel in their profession.

TechTrak is currently one of the biggest sponsors of Barwell Motorsport, one of the oldest motorsport racing teams in the whole of the UK.


arai - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

Arai is a Japanese motorcycle helmet brand and is known for being one of the main sponsors at the annual Isle of Man TT. Their helmets are considered to be the best when it comes to protection and performance and is used by top motorsport racers around the globe.

The manufacturer has also made a limited-edition Isle of Man Centenary model for the special occasion. This special helmet was designed by Italian designer Aldo Drudi.


vodafone - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

And finally, we have Vodafone. Vodafone is no stranger to the world of sports and sponsoring it. Whatever sport you can think of, they’ve probably been main sponsors for it in the past. Currently, Vodafone Portugal is one of the main sponsors for the Barwell Motorsport team.

Vodafone is known for being at the forefront of telecommunication technology, connecting the world and providing excellent telecommunication services globally.

Without big brands, sporting events would probably not be possible. These sponsors ensure that funding for every aspect of these motorsport events is in place and that fans and athletes alike can enjoy a successful event.

It also serves these brands well in terms of marketing and creating brand awareness. These sporting events are the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their customers.

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