The 3 Best Motorcycle Gear to Use When Racing IOMTT

There are many race suits on a different range of prices and made of diverse kinds of materials. Nevertheless, the odds to find one that fits perfectly and also suits your budget can be challenging.

First of all, it is important to understand that no suit is going to fit perfectly on your body because the most of race suits are created for the purpose to cover the average male needs of the United States.

Their sizes are totally different from a man in the rest of the world. The most important attribute to take into consideration is to have extra space for your back and chest protector, as far as possible try the suit on a motorcycle to have a good idea of the behaviour of it on the duty.

The following list will give you the best one-piece suits for facilitating the sport of motorcycle riding.

Spidi Track Wind Pro

post Spidi Track Wind Pro - The 3 Best Motorcycle Gear to Use When Racing IOMTT

This suit, priced at £1.300, is one of the less known but is used by well-known riders like Andrea Dovizioso.  It is manufactured with Italian leather and has some the softest gloves ever.

Alpinestars Atem Suit

You can find it for £3.000 and it has the same details of Alpinestar Top, minus the compatibility with the Tech Airbag.

Dainese Aero Evo P



This amazing design is for sale for £1600. It is one of the best suits and adapts to the body thanks to its elastically. It also features amazing inserts on the elbows, knees and shoulders zones.

We consider which one-piece suit offers you specialized protection where this sports specifically needs to be covered, as a catcher mask on baseball, it will offer you the coverage where you really need it.

Therefore, we deeply recommend that if you really want to show a great performance in this sport, you must invest in a pretty good suit.

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