The 3 Most Likely Winners of MotoGP World Championship 2019

The MotoGP 2019 season started in March, and we are excited to see who the winner of this year’s world championship will be. Fans and punters alike are sitting on the edge of their seats to watch racers go tail-to-tail against each other.

Currently leading the way is young Álex Márquez, who seems to be a favourite among punters and fans. But there is still a lot of time left and many things can happen in the upcoming months leading to the final.

Those of you who love betting on motorcycle races are probably keeping tabs on all riders’ performances throughout. If you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening during this year’s MotoGP season, it’s about time you start tuning in.

Keeping updated with the latest results and statistics is crucial for those who bet on the MotoGP. Without this information, you might as well say goodbye to your money and call it a day.

Following every event and rider will allow you to place smart and informed bets, increasing your chances of winning handsomely.

If there is one sportsbook that knows a thing or two about motorcycle racing, it is without a doubt Betfair. We’ve been keeping an eye on the leader board and have decided to report on who Betfair considers being the most likely winners of the MotoGP World Championship 2019.

Let’s take a look at the top three contenders for this year’s title.

Álex Márquez

Spanish born racer Álex Márquez is one of the favourites to take the Championship title this year. The talented 23-year old has been riding professionally since 2015. He’s been on KTM and Honda but has been riding Kalex for several years now.

Standing on a total of 181 points and in the first place, we believe there is a very good chance that Márquez could take the title this year. He’s done so in the past and his performance during this season is promising to say the least.

Those who are betting on the MotoGP World Championship should keep a keen eye on this young athlete. It might just be worth betting on him as the overall winner. Remember to keep an eye on races, outcomes and stats too.

You’ll see that Betfair’s odds on Álex Márquez taking the final title is standing at a comfortable yet promising 1/1.

Augusto Fernández

Next up, we have a very young Augusto Fernández who is currently in second place. The young Spanish motorcyclist started his career in 2017 and has been climbing his way up the charts slowly but surely ever since.

Augusto currently has 146 points in his second place and is riding a Kalex bike. As far as his fairly short career goes, we can only foresee loads of wins and successful races for this promising motorcyclist.

If you are betting on the MotoGP, and you are planning on placing different kinds of bets, you might want to keep young Augusto in mind when you place a bet. Remember to keep an eye on his progress during this world championship.

Currently, the odds displayed on Betfair when betting on young Augusto stands at 10/0. Keep an eye on the races and any fluctuations on the odds.

Jorge Navarro

And last but not least, we have another promising young motorcyclist who started his career in 2014. Another Spanish superstar, Navarro is currently at fourth place, a massive improvement in comparison to last year’s MotoGP World Championship performance.

With his fourth place, Navarro also has 146 points on his Kalex bike in the Speed Up racing team. His most impressive accomplishment is coming in second place at the FIM CEV Moto3 series in 2014.

Whatever your MotoGP World Championship betting strategy, we highly recommend keeping an eye on this promising motorcyclist. The stats alone speak volumes and we foresee a successful championship for Navarro this year.

With 12/0 odds on Betfair, betting on Navarro this year might just count in your and your bankroll’s favour.

Remember to continue following the races and stats to continuously adapt your betting strategy. This will help you make the best decision when placing your bets on the MotoGP 2019 World Championship.

featured image 3 key reasons why isle man key uk destination 380x254 - 3 Key Reasons Why the Isle of Man is a Key UK Destination

3 Key Reasons Why the Isle of Man is a Key UK Destination

It’s kind of funny to think that some UK inhabitants do not even know of the Isle of Man. We’re pretty sure if you are a petrolhead you’ve heard of this quaint yet picturesque island before. Not only is it filled with natural wonders, but there is also plenty to do and see on the Isle of Man.

Those who wish to discover the island may find some interesting facts, beautiful sights, and everything a great trip should consist of right here. Did you know for instance that the Isle of Man is not part of the UK?

Or that the symbol on their flag is an ancient Celtic symbol? Yes, there are loads of things to learn about this beautiful island. If you want to get the best of both worlds in terms of sports and cultural experiences, then this should be your next holiday destination.

In this post, we provide three undeniable reasons why the Isle of Man is an absolute must destination for travellers from around the globe.

Delectable Cuisine

delectable cuisine - 3 Key Reasons Why the Isle of Man is a Key UK Destination

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is; chances are you’ll be able to indulge in some drool-worthy cuisine when visiting the Isle of Man. Pair that with cosy accommodation that is available all around the island and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday to relax and unwind.

The foodies out there will be delighted to learn that Isle of Man cuisine is not only delectable, but the island is considered a must destination for foodies. Those who love seafood will feel like they’ve finally reached foodie heaven.

Beautiful Scenery

beautiful scenery - 3 Key Reasons Why the Isle of Man is a Key UK Destination

The island has a bit of something for just about every type of traveller out there. Whether you want to visit historical sites and buildings or attend a railway concert, you’ll have it all and then some. The island is also known for its natural beauty with forest trails offering breath-taking scenery.

You can even go birdwatching, take a stroll in the glen and just take in all that mother nature has left in this magical place. From the coast to inland forest walks, you can truly catch a glimpse of gorgeous landscapes even if you don’t intend to stay that long.

It’s the Racing Capital of the World

racing capital world - 3 Key Reasons Why the Isle of Man is a Key UK Destination

And last but not least, the Isle of Man is known as the motorcycle racing capital of the world. It is not only home to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race but also boasts the perfect roads for motorsport racing events. The TT started in 1907 and has been rising in popularity ever since.

Today, the race is considered to be the biggest and most prestigious motorcycle race in the entire world. The parliament even closes down roads during the event when these roads are designated for the race alone.

These are but three reasons why you should visit the Isle of Man. Just be sure to book your ticket in advance if you plan on visiting during the TT. As this event is popular, it attracts a lot of people and finding accommodation may be a bit difficult if you wait too long to book.

featured image 5 biggest uk motor racing sponsors 2019 380x254 - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

When it comes to any sporting event, you are sure to find a couple of big brands sponsoring either the event, venue, team or athlete. These events not only take a lot of preparation and costs, but it also attracts a lot of attention, no matter what the sport or venue.

Motorsport specifically is known as a sport with a massive fanbase. And this is not only true in the UK, but around the globe. Just think of the many races held across the globe annually. This ranges from stock car racing to drift and the ever-growing Formula 1.

This year saw a lot of big brand names coming to the table and supporting some of the UK’s most prestigious motor racing events and athletes. Here, we will take a look at some of these fantastic sponsors.


betfair - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

Betfair is no stranger to sponsoring big sporting events. The online casino operator has even signed a 3-year contract recently to sponsor the iconic Tingle Creek and Betfair Chase races. It only makes sense that the company would sponsor UK motorsport.

Betfair is known as one of the best online sportsbooks where punters can bet on any of their favourite sports, including motor racing in the UK.


suzuki - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

This year, Suzuki will be sponsoring the legendary Isle of Man TT. Suzuki is another big name when it comes to sporting events, including motor racing and motorcycle racing events. The Japanese company prides itself in supporting the Isle of Man TT event annually.

Every year, Suzuki adds even more excitement to the TT by bringing limited-edition TT Centenary machines for fans to buy at the event.


TechTrak is a big name in motorsport in the UK, and it is easy to see why. The company hosts and organises events for professional and amateur drivers on their expertly designed racetracks. Using expert technology racers can train and excel in their profession.

TechTrak is currently one of the biggest sponsors of Barwell Motorsport, one of the oldest motorsport racing teams in the whole of the UK.


arai - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

Arai is a Japanese motorcycle helmet brand and is known for being one of the main sponsors at the annual Isle of Man TT. Their helmets are considered to be the best when it comes to protection and performance and is used by top motorsport racers around the globe.

The manufacturer has also made a limited-edition Isle of Man Centenary model for the special occasion. This special helmet was designed by Italian designer Aldo Drudi.


vodafone - The 5 Biggest UK Motor Racing Sponsors of 2019

And finally, we have Vodafone. Vodafone is no stranger to the world of sports and sponsoring it. Whatever sport you can think of, they’ve probably been main sponsors for it in the past. Currently, Vodafone Portugal is one of the main sponsors for the Barwell Motorsport team.

Vodafone is known for being at the forefront of telecommunication technology, connecting the world and providing excellent telecommunication services globally.

Without big brands, sporting events would probably not be possible. These sponsors ensure that funding for every aspect of these motorsport events is in place and that fans and athletes alike can enjoy a successful event.

It also serves these brands well in terms of marketing and creating brand awareness. These sporting events are the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their customers.

feature gears 380x254 - The 3 Best Motorcycle Gear to Use When Racing IOMTT

The 3 Best Motorcycle Gear to Use When Racing IOMTT

There are many race suits on a different range of prices and made of diverse kinds of materials. Nevertheless, the odds to find one that fits perfectly and also suits your budget can be challenging.

First of all, it is important to understand that no suit is going to fit perfectly on your body because the most of race suits are created for the purpose to cover the average male needs of the United States.

Their sizes are totally different from a man in the rest of the world. The most important attribute to take into consideration is to have extra space for your back and chest protector, as far as possible try the suit on a motorcycle to have a good idea of the behaviour of it on the duty.

The following list will give you the best one-piece suits for facilitating the sport of motorcycle riding.

Spidi Track Wind Pro

post Spidi Track Wind Pro - The 3 Best Motorcycle Gear to Use When Racing IOMTT

This suit, priced at £1.300, is one of the less known but is used by well-known riders like Andrea Dovizioso.  It is manufactured with Italian leather and has some the softest gloves ever.

Alpinestars Atem Suit

You can find it for £3.000 and it has the same details of Alpinestar Top, minus the compatibility with the Tech Airbag.

Dainese Aero Evo P



This amazing design is for sale for £1600. It is one of the best suits and adapts to the body thanks to its elastically. It also features amazing inserts on the elbows, knees and shoulders zones.

We consider which one-piece suit offers you specialized protection where this sports specifically needs to be covered, as a catcher mask on baseball, it will offer you the coverage where you really need it.

Therefore, we deeply recommend that if you really want to show a great performance in this sport, you must invest in a pretty good suit.

post everything you know about IOMTTs 380x254 - Everything You Need to Know about IOMTT's Famous Route

Everything You Need to Know about IOMTT’s Famous Route

One of the most important routes on Motorcycling sport is The Isle of Man route, the Tourist Trophy which is a celebrated event at the very beginning of June but also The Grand Prix at the end of August.

Safe and Smooth Roads

post smooth road - Everything You Need to Know about IOMTT's Famous Route

This famous route has safe roads with the exception of a little part before the start around Douglas. This route has one on of the most diverse views around the world, from a beautiful and small village where the existing speed limit is 30mph to the most spectacular mountains and woods crossing huge and beautiful fields where there are no speed limits.

If you have the chance to attend the event, it would be an amazing view to remember when you go up to the mountain.

There are Some Obstacles

post obstacle motor - Everything You Need to Know about IOMTT's Famous Route

Most of the route is easy and smooth to ride, nevertheless, close to Ramsey, you can find a section with some difficulties which are part of the race. If you want to attend or participate in this event you can travel by plane.

The island has a small but operative airport but we recommend to live the whole experience and take a ferry of the Steam Packet Company. This the only ferry company one can use.

Lots of Places to Stay

The island has many hotels and has lots of places where you can camp with your friends. Most people who visit the island are tourists who want to watch the race and frequently find perfect places do this.

But if you want to visit this place and enjoy their beautiful landscapes you can visit on less crowded days and you will find a quiet place to enjoy the freedom of their roads.

We invite you to take your bike and buy a ferry ticket and enjoy the journey and also the landscapes that you are not going to find anywhere else in the world.

feature top 5 of racers who won the isle of man tt 380x254 - Top 5 of Racers Who Won the Isle of Man TT

Top 5 of Racers Who Won the Isle of Man TT

The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is an annual race considered one of the most dangerous of its kind. Important racers have been crowned champion of this race followed by many people around the world. The following list will show us the most brilliant among them.

Hislop, Steve 

Born in the Scottish Borders, usually called ‘The Flying Haggis’, won The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy around 11 times, but his life ended tragically at 41 years old in an accident in his small helicopter.

Dunlop, Joey

This surprisingly quiet working-class hero, born in Armoy, Northern Ireland, has the record on The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy on his shoulder with the amazing number of 26 victories.

Regrettably, he died during a race in Estonia in 2000 at the age of 48 years old, he has many fans around the world for his humble way of living.


Hailwood, Mike

Under name of Stanley Michael Bailey Hailwood, born in the United Kingdom. Better known as “Mike the Bike”, he won the race 14 times but he retired for a few years. When he came back, he won 2 races again, having one of the most remembered participation of all time. Unfortunately, he died at 40 years old in a road traffic accident.

Dusae, Geoff

Native from Lancashire, England. He won the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and World Championship at least 6 times. No one has doubts about his great performance in this dangerous sport, he remains one of the most important racers of all time.

Agostini, Giacomo

From Brescia-Italia, Giacomo is a multi-time world champion record holder of many MotoGP Races. He had a brilliant record 10 wins on the Tourist Trophy over the years. He was well-known for his amazing performance and followed by thousands of fans around the world.

These men were the most important racers in The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, they left an amazing legacy on this event that is worth to remember.

post Attend the IOMTT at Least Once in a Lifetime 380x254 - 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend the IOMTT at Least Once in a Lifetime

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend the IOMTT at Least Once in a Lifetime

The Isle of Man has one of the most important roads to race around the world, this is the scenario of amazing races like the Tourist Trophy. This event attracts many fans around the world just to watch and to be part of the race.

Perfect Roads

post PerfectRoads - 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend the IOMTT at Least Once in a Lifetime

This island is well-known for its technically perfect roads, where you can watch the engine power of the bike and also the rider’s ability to ride and manage curves, with it’s terrifying up and infamous downs.

Beautiful Landscapes

harley 2430193 1920 - 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend the IOMTT at Least Once in a Lifetime

The exciting feel of this thrilling sport is crowned by the most astonishing landscapes. Beautiful mountains and fields populated with many species of wildflowers decorating the view and don’t forget the cool breeze of the coast.

Fan-Friendly Place

Given the large space where you can safely watch the race from a front garden or if you want a complete experience, you can climb a hill or even cross a field to have a closer view of the event.

Thanks to the extension of the race you can visit this place every year and never run out of new places to watch.

Join In

Do you want to be a part of it? Done! You can prepare a motorcycle and they give you a chance to use a factory team for less for those with a small budget. Anyone with a motorcycle prepared for this event can participate in this race.

All of this sounds like a dream, but in fact, is an amazing truth. This event has been a long tradition with 111 years. There are many more reasons to visit this Island and be part of this amazing event.

feature must lookout 380x254 - Bikes You Must Lookout For at This Year's Isle of Man TT

Bikes You Must Lookout For at This Year’s Isle of Man TT

Every single year TT race offers great bikes for viewers to admire and 2019 won´t be an exception. That’s why today we are going to show you a little advance of the incredible bikes that you are going to see at the TT this year.

Undoubtedly, the Isle of Man is one of the best bike challenging competitions in which we all will see not only great racers but also wonderful bike models catching everyone’s attention. In this post, we take a look at some of these amazing bikes.

Honda CBR1000RR

In the first place, we will see the Honda CBR1000RR ‘Fireblade’ which has been the bike brand having the most wins on its record. Just a few examples of this wonderful bike model have been fabricated because materials and engineers made it uniquely for being part of this amazing race.

That’s what has caught the attention of all TT followers whose expectation increase each year.

Suzusai GSX-R1000

In the second place, we have Suzusai GSX-R1000, also known as the ‘Gixxer’. It is one of the superbikes that all followers of the TT race are anticipating to see this year. It hasn’t won the TT race, but it’s particular design and speed makes it a great model to expect to see this year.

Kawasaki ZX-10R

Finally, it is a must to mention Kawasaki ZX-10R, being the second champion in this competition until the Honda appeared, this bike is also known as Japan’s Hope. It is one of the best in class bike model that Japanese engineers are proud of.

It has incredible features such as the most advanced suspensions existing in electronics and also its best-in-class brakes.

These bike models and even more will be at the Isle of Man TT race of this year. We highly recommend you to stay tuned to check them because we are sure you won’t regret it.

post 5 giggest mottorcycle brands 380x254 - The 5 Biggest Motorcycle Brands to Win the Isle of Man TT

The 5 Biggest Motorcycle Brands to Win the Isle of Man TT

In a matter of vehicles for running high speed alone is not the only characteristic that drivers are looking for. Especially when it comes to motorcycles there are many features a driver may want to have.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to know the best motorcycle brands for you to be ready to look for the best vehicle to win any racing event. Bike manufactures propose you to make use of the following masterpieces such as:


Having 18 wins on its record, it is one of the most successful brands that riders are most likely to use since it is almost guaranteed to win with. It has models from 250cc and 350cc with great qualities to enjoy when biking.


Bringing honour to its name this bike manufacturer firm has 21 wins on its record showing the amazing qualities of its models.

Norton Bike

Having 94 wins on its record shows its amazing qualities just by watching its structure. It has won in all categories of the TT races being best in class bike brand you’ll find.


It is another successful brand that even if it hadn’t recent wins, the last being way back in 2008. It shows a lot of potential just by looking at its record of 107 wins, which shows that this brand has a key to the trophy in any race you participate in.


Not just another brand of bike manufacturer but actually one of the best-in-class manufacturer bike firms having more than 250 wins on its records and victories on 125cc and 250cc categories.

All these companies advocated the manufacturing of bike models counts also on top of the line drivers that are specifically trained to bike this wonderful model and lead them right to winning.