The 3 Most Likely Winners of MotoGP World Championship 2019

The MotoGP 2019 season started in March, and we are excited to see who the winner of this year’s world championship will be. Fans and punters alike are sitting on the edge of their seats to watch racers go tail-to-tail against each other.

Currently leading the way is young Álex Márquez, who seems to be a favourite among punters and fans. But there is still a lot of time left and many things can happen in the upcoming months leading to the final.

Those of you who love betting on motorcycle races are probably keeping tabs on all riders’ performances throughout. If you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening during this year’s MotoGP season, it’s about time you start tuning in.

Keeping updated with the latest results and statistics is crucial for those who bet on the MotoGP. Without this information, you might as well say goodbye to your money and call it a day.

Following every event and rider will allow you to place smart and informed bets, increasing your chances of winning handsomely.

If there is one sportsbook that knows a thing or two about motorcycle racing, it is without a doubt Betfair. We’ve been keeping an eye on the leader board and have decided to report on who Betfair considers being the most likely winners of the MotoGP World Championship 2019.

Let’s take a look at the top three contenders for this year’s title.

Álex Márquez

Spanish born racer Álex Márquez is one of the favourites to take the Championship title this year. The talented 23-year old has been riding professionally since 2015. He’s been on KTM and Honda but has been riding Kalex for several years now.

Standing on a total of 181 points and in the first place, we believe there is a very good chance that Márquez could take the title this year. He’s done so in the past and his performance during this season is promising to say the least.

Those who are betting on the MotoGP World Championship should keep a keen eye on this young athlete. It might just be worth betting on him as the overall winner. Remember to keep an eye on races, outcomes and stats too.

You’ll see that Betfair’s odds on Álex Márquez taking the final title is standing at a comfortable yet promising 1/1.

Augusto Fernández

Next up, we have a very young Augusto Fernández who is currently in second place. The young Spanish motorcyclist started his career in 2017 and has been climbing his way up the charts slowly but surely ever since.

Augusto currently has 146 points in his second place and is riding a Kalex bike. As far as his fairly short career goes, we can only foresee loads of wins and successful races for this promising motorcyclist.

If you are betting on the MotoGP, and you are planning on placing different kinds of bets, you might want to keep young Augusto in mind when you place a bet. Remember to keep an eye on his progress during this world championship.

Currently, the odds displayed on Betfair when betting on young Augusto stands at 10/0. Keep an eye on the races and any fluctuations on the odds.

Jorge Navarro

And last but not least, we have another promising young motorcyclist who started his career in 2014. Another Spanish superstar, Navarro is currently at fourth place, a massive improvement in comparison to last year’s MotoGP World Championship performance.

With his fourth place, Navarro also has 146 points on his Kalex bike in the Speed Up racing team. His most impressive accomplishment is coming in second place at the FIM CEV Moto3 series in 2014.

Whatever your MotoGP World Championship betting strategy, we highly recommend keeping an eye on this promising motorcyclist. The stats alone speak volumes and we foresee a successful championship for Navarro this year.

With 12/0 odds on Betfair, betting on Navarro this year might just count in your and your bankroll’s favour.

Remember to continue following the races and stats to continuously adapt your betting strategy. This will help you make the best decision when placing your bets on the MotoGP 2019 World Championship.