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Everything You Need to Know about IOMTT’s Famous Route

One of the most important routes on Motorcycling sport is The Isle of Man route, the Tourist Trophy which is a celebrated event at the very beginning of June but also The Grand Prix at the end of August.

Safe and Smooth Roads

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This famous route has safe roads with the exception of a little part before the start around Douglas. This route has one on of the most diverse views around the world, from a beautiful and small village where the existing speed limit is 30mph to the most spectacular mountains and woods crossing huge and beautiful fields where there are no speed limits.

If you have the chance to attend the event, it would be an amazing view to remember when you go up to the mountain.

There are Some Obstacles

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Most of the route is easy and smooth to ride, nevertheless, close to Ramsey, you can find a section with some difficulties which are part of the race. If you want to attend or participate in this event you can travel by plane.

The island has a small but operative airport but we recommend to live the whole experience and take a ferry of the Steam Packet Company. This the only ferry company one can use.

Lots of Places to Stay

The island has many hotels and has lots of places where you can camp with your friends. Most people who visit the island are tourists who want to watch the race and frequently find perfect places do this.

But if you want to visit this place and enjoy their beautiful landscapes you can visit on less crowded days and you will find a quiet place to enjoy the freedom of their roads.

We invite you to take your bike and buy a ferry ticket and enjoy the journey and also the landscapes that you are not going to find anywhere else in the world.